Κατόρθωσαν μια ξεχωριστή, από μόνη της, κατηγορία μουσικής.


ROXY MUSIC - Re-Make/Re-Model (Live Apollo 2001 )


( και με Chris Spedding, guitar-Zev kats, bass-Lucy Wilkins on violin)


(Ιδιο σχήμα Λυκαβηττός 2004 )



Can't Let Go (live 1982)



Stronger Through The Years * - Athens 11/09/2018 (LP Manifesto)



¨If There is Something ¨* (Live In Glasgow )



Out of the Blue * (Appolo Hammersmith )



While My Heart Is Still Beating



'Tara' *** (spaceout version - Live in Oakland)

( Jorja Chalmers saxo-Chris Spedding guitar)



Roxy Music - Take A Chance With Me



Dance Away (1982)



Same Old Scene



"Avalon" & "Love Is The Drug" - (1982 )



Virginia Plain – Brian Eno-Top Of The Pops - 24th August 1972



Ladytron (progr. era-Brian Eno-At Old Grey Whistle Test, 1972)



A Song For Europe



Mother Of Pearl



Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure -



Κώστας Πέππας