entourage movie 3


Πολλοί δεν συμφώνησαν με την μεταφορά της διάσημης σειράς Entourage(2004–2011) από την τηλεόραση στον κινηματογράφο.. Διαβάστε μερικές από τις πιο αξιοσημείωτες κριτικές από μεγάλα site και περιοδικά:


The Wall Street Journal:


“The jaunty style of a hit TV series has been replaced by huge spasms of false energy and a sense of barely concealed flop sweat.”



Toronto Star:


“…it is a fly trapped in amber, celebrating excess and male privilege in a sexist way that feels very old and decidedly out of step with the 2015 world.”



Time Out:


“In 2015, however, bros only come before hos alphabetically, and what once felt like an innocent tale of wish fulfillment now plays like the masturbatory fantasy of a men’s-rights activist.”



Detroit News:


“You may not have missed them, but Vinnie, E, Turtle and Drama are back, as empty and self-centered as ever, in the aimless, vapid Entourage movie.”



The Globe and Mail:


“These characters represent the most repellant clichés of male friendship, where guys can only relate to each other through a discourse of casual misogyny and female conquest.”



The Chicago Sun-Times:


“It’s like catching up with an old friend and remembering why you don’t hang out with him anymore: He’s stuck in a rut and he has nothing new to say.”



Buzz Feed:


“Entourage is the movie about Hollywood we deserve — one that’s breathtakingly honest about how great the industry is if you’re a rich white dude, and how terrible and unwelcoming it is for almost everyone else.”



The Philadelphia Inquirer :


“Let sleeping bros lie.”