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Αποκαλεί τον Kanye West ηλίθιο και  ατάλαντο, την Joni Mitchell τρελή

'You're talkin shit about Phish? Go to a show.'
No 'shit ' I'm just not impressed with their playing

Awhile later, though, Crosby came back to admit that he might have been wrong about the band:
I was wrong .must have been a grump that morning .I needed to hear them live and I never have. they can play

Ok .I read Treys RS piece and he is being very cool ..he get its about Jerry and the Dead
Had to re listen to the Phish stuff you all .
Crosby's dislike wasn't kept to just West and Phish. He also had some very choice things to say about Mike Love of the Beach Boys and Jim Morrison. On the other hand, he was very kind to numerous other musicians.

The following are just a few of the music related questions that Crosby has answered. Go to his Twitter feed to see the full list (and it is hundreds long) along with any new Tweets:

Hi David. How are you and Neil?'
He's pretty mad at me
I apologized
We'll see

What's your opinion of punk rock?'
Doesn't do it for me generally
Just trying to hard
Not good enough music

are you a fan of Fred Neil? ✌️'
He was my friend and mentor

And, what are your feelings about, Cass [Elliot]?'
One of my best friends
Loved her
Miss her a lot

what do you think about the Velvet Underground? Did you meet Lou Reed?'
Too dramatic for me

what's your take on phish? Trey playing GD50?'
Phish are just ok
Trey ?
Nobody is Jerry but Jerry

Why is Joni [Mitchell] so crabby?'
She's nuts

Do you still talk to Joni Croz?'
Hung up on her last two times

opinion on kanye's music, impact as an artist?'
Music ?.. He's an idiot and a poser..has no Talent at all

Why do you think Paul McCartney would waste his time recording with Kanye West?'
To widen his audience

thoughts when Bob Dylan went electric in '65?'
I think he heard the Byrds rehearsing and knew what to do

whos the nicest person in rock'n'roll?'
Maybe James Taylor

Three words to describe the genius of Brian Wilson, please.'
Innocent, brilliant,inspiring

Did you ever work with Mike Love?'
Have not
Would not
Not a good person

Is Mike Love the biggest jerk in rock? '
Quite possibly

In your opinion, were the Doors better with or without Morrison?'
they NEVER swung at all

When you say The Doors never 'swung,' what do you mean exactly?!?'
No groove .listen to Bonnie or Stevie

Hi, David! Had Morrison lived, think you would've worked with him?'
Not ever

John Phillips, was that guy a creep or what?'
Got to be as he went along

In one word, describe how you felt before CSNY played their set at Woodstock'

is there any modern music or musical artist today that u really admire? Try not to laugh'
Becca Stevens

did you ever get to see Jimi Hendrix perform?'
Several times
Once leaning against the back of his amps

was it awkward backstage at nash's last gig with the Hollies in 68?'

we know stuff about most of The Byrds, but what was Michael C [Clarke] like? Musician and pal?'
Nice guy. Goofy

how do you feel about Billy Joel? (Lol)'
Very talented cat , writing , singing playing

what do you think about David Geffen?'
Complex, a shark , but I like him

thoughts on David Gilmour as Guitar player and person. Thanks.'intelligent
Gentleman,brilliant player/ singer

What's your biggest musical regret or missed opportunity?'
Would have made a lot more music
Wasted time

Desert Island scenario: what 5 albums do you bring with you?'
Aja,Revolver,Blue,Aerial Boundaries,many more

how did your signature stache come about ?!'
It grew there on my lip

who were your main musical inspirations in your teenage years?'
Weavers, Josh White, Odetta, Everlys

has Spotify and/or Pandora been lucrative for you and your bands?'
Your kidding right ?
#they don't pay shit

tell us something about Jerry [Garcia] we don't know'
He was a funny mother f**cker and kind

what is your favorite venue to play in the world?'
Red Rocks, Santa Barbara Bowl, Saratoga PAC