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Barclay James Harvest:Σπουδαίοι....., μέχρι τα τέλη της δεκαετίας του 70. O Les Holroyd  έγινε 72 ετών. 




1.Barclay James Harvest-Once Again(1971)-She Said



2.Barclay James Harvest-... And Other Short Stories(1971)-Medicine Man



3.Barclay James Harvest-Everyone Is Everybody Else(1974)-For No One



4.Barclay James Harvest-Time Honoured Ghosts(1975)-One Night



5.Barclay James Harvest-Octoberon(1976)-Rock'N'Roll Star



6.Barclay James Harvest-Gone To Earth(1977)-Poor Man's Moody Blues



7.Barclay James Harvest-Eyes Of The Universe(1979)-Love on the Line



8. Barclay James Harvest-Time Honoured Ghosts (1975) -Titles



9. Barclay James Harvest-Gone To Earth (1977)-Hymn