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Από τον Θεόδωρο Φαχουρίδη


Η κρίση καλά κρατεί, τα λεφτά έχουν τελειώσει προ πολλού και ο χειμώνας κάνει το όλο εγχείρημα δυσκολότερο. Οι λάτρες της μουσικής όμως ξέρουν το «κόλπο» χρόνια τώρα… Με αφορμή την υπέροχη ημέρα στο νέο άλμπουμ του Sting, βρίσκουμε τους λόγους για να έχουμε θετική σκέψη, στις υπέροχες τραγουδισμένες ημέρες διαφόρων καλλιτεχνών.



Sting - One Fine Day (LP: 57th & 9th - 2016)


...It's progress of a kind,
Who knows what else we're going to find?
So do you trust your head or heart,
When things all seem to fall apart?
I guess we'll wake up smarter,
One fine day.




Tony Carey - A Fine Fine Day (LP: Some Tough City - 1984)


I see you made it back alright, alright.
I see you're none the worse for wear
It's been a long time comin'
Nothin's gonna drag you away from here!




Blood Music Blood Music & First Aid Kit - Numbers One Fine Day (LP: The Fire And The Flame – 2012)


oh one day
it'll be a fine day
(fine day)
your time is gonna come
one day
(one day)
maybe on sunday
your time is gonna come




Maria Callas - Un bel di (One fine day) (LP: The Very Best of - remastered… 2002, Giacomo Puccini Madam Butterfly)


He will call, "Butterfly" from the distance

I, without answering

Hold myself quietly concealed

A bit to tease him and a bit

So as not to die at our first meeting

And then, a little troubled

He will call, he will call

"Dear baby wife of mine,

Dear little orange blossom"

The names he used to call me when he came here

This will all come to pass as I tell you

Banish your idle fears

For he will return





Camouflage - One Fine Day (LP: Methods of Silence - 1989)


I hear your spirit calling, 
I hold your hand 
and see you falling 
into the debris of it all. 
We're making love 
and living in dreams, 




Opus III - It's A Fine Day (LP: Mind Fruit  - 1992)


It's a fine day, 
People open windows. 
They leave the houses, 
Just for a short while.


They walk by the grass 
They look at the sky 
They walk by the grass 
And they look at the grass 
They look at the sky




Aaron Nevillie – One Fine Day (LP: Make Me Strong - 1999)


Αυθεντική εκτέλεση των Chiffon's "One Fine Day" γραμμένο από Gerry Goffin και Carole King


One fine day, you'll look at me
And you will know our love was, meant to be
One fine day, you're gonna want me for your man
The arms I long for, will open wide
And you'll be proud to have me, right by your side




Paul McCartney - A Fine Day (LP: Paul Is Live  - 1993)


Now the weekend's here
I plan to have some fun
Take you out in my Oldsmobile, and head for the country, hon
Say, hey! It's a fine day! Yeh, yeh, such a fine day
Say, hey! It's a fine day! I hope to hear you headin' my way




Fool's Garden – One Fine Day (LP: Dish of the Day - 1995)


Don't you think about your constitution
Open the cage now
Ev'ryday's a revolution
Open the cage now
No time to weigh
I'll turn another page ?one fine day




Δημήτρης Κοργιαλάς / Τσαπατσάρη Ηλιάνα    – Τι ωραία ημέρα (LP: Η Ζωή είναι μια Βόλτα -2012)