Sunshine Superman


Donovan-Sunshine Superman



I Feel Free / N.S.U.


Cream-I Feel Free



Am I the Red One / That's Not My Kind of Love


Mick Softley With The Summer Suns-Am I the Red One



I Can Take You to the Sun / Who Do You Love


The Misunderstood-I Can Take You to the Sun



My Friend Jack / We Can Take It


The Smoke-My Friend Jack



Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever


The Beatles -Strawberry Fields Forever



Love Makes Sweet Music / Feelin' Reelin' Squeelin'


Soft Machine-Love Makes Sweet Music



Arnold Layne / Candy and a Currant Bun


The Pink Floyd-Arnold Layne



My White Bicycle / Claramount Lake


Tomorrow-My White Bicycle



Paper Sun / Giving to You


Traffic-Paper Sun



Midsummer Night's Scene / Sara Crazy Child


John's Children-Midsummer Night's Scene