Don Felder


Ήταν μέλος των Eagles από 1974-1980 και 1994-2001 δίνοντας σε αρκετά τραγούδια τους το δικό του στίγμα με την κιθάρα του.


Ο Don Felder γεννήθηκε 21/9/1947


"Hotel California"
From 'Hotel California (1976)



"Take It to the Limit'"
From: 'One of These Nights' (1975)



"The Sad Cafe'"
From: 'The Long Run" (1979)


From: 'One of These Nights' (1975)



"'Hotel California [Live]"
From: 'Hell Freezes Over' (1994)



"'Good Day in Hell"
From: 'On the Border' (1974)



"One of These Nights"
From: 'One of These Nights' (1975)



"Those Shoes"
From: 'The Long Run' (1979)



"Victim of Love"
From: 'Hotel California' (1976)



"Heavy Metal (Takin' a Ride)"
From 'Heavy Metal' (1980)