David Napoleon crossing the Alps Malmaison1


Γεννήθηκε στις 15/8/1769 και πέθανε 5/5/1821


Josephine-Magnetic Fields

If I were Napoleon, you could be my Josephine
We could go to drive-in films in my red convertible
If I were Napoleon, I might be in magazines
Pretzel Logic-Steely Dan
met Napoleon
But I plan to find the time 
I have never met Napoleon
But I plan to find the time 
'Cause he looks so fine upon that hill 
They tell
Poor Napoleon-Elvis Costello & the Attractions
You always look so disappointed when I take my stockings off
Don`t you know the facts of life, boy
Don`t you know what these things cost
She was
Cynthia Mask-Robyn Hitchcock
Wore a black hat
Ate lots of chicken
And conquered half Europe
Was caught by the British
Imprisoned on Elba
He died
Get on With the Show-Van Morrison
to make my way
Through all this illusion and myth
I don't even have no safety net

Nero fiddled while Rome burnt
Napoleon met his Waterloo