aloha 098


Η νέα ταινία του Cameron Crowe, "Aloha", δεν έλαβε και τις καλύτερες κριτικές.. 


The Village Voice:


“Cameron Crowe writes movies like he’s calling us in eighth grade with his heart on fire.”


Detroit News:


“Where to begin with Aloha? Begin by not going to the movie.”


Globe and Mail


“Aloha is a marshmallow of a film: soft on the inside, soft on the outside and wholly devoid of substance.”


New York Daily News:


“Aloha isn’t horrible, but it does have a pitiable odor about it, like a dog that’s sat too long on the beach.”




“Aloha is one of those films whose characters behave and speak so irrationally that they no longer make any human sense at all. Crowe may have had us at hello, but he’s losing us with Aloha.”




“Unbalanced, unwieldy, and at times nearly unintelligible, Aloha is unquestionably Cameron Crowe’s worst film.”